Rotten 2 the Core Kidz Spa - The Ultimate Pampering Party for Girls!
Individual Spa Services
R2C is all about delivering the finest spa experience you could imagine.  Treat yourself to a delicious Ice Cream Spa Experience.  Choose from our favorite ice cream flavors that you crave for a manicure or pedicure.  You can also experience a smooth and creamy chocolate facial or banana pudding facial made with natural ingredients; and don't forget about our glamorous make-up application (if you are allergic to chocolate we can substitute)
Now available:  Non-toxic Nail Polish (NTP)
additional $2 added to any spa service 
R2C Mini Me Manicure:  $8  $10 NTP
R2C Mini Me Pedicure:   $10  $12 NTP
(ages 2-3)
This is an excellent service for our busy bees! Quick cleaning of the nails followed by hand moisturizes and pastel polish.  
R2C Princess Manicure:  $12  $14 NTP
R2C Princess Pedicure:   $14  $16 NTP
 Relax your hands or feet in an ice cream fizz soak, enjoy a relaxing hand or foot massage. All of this followed by a manicure or pedicure with the polish of your choice.    
R2C Diva'Licious Manicure:  $15  $17  NTP
R2C Diva'Licious Pedicure:  $20  $22  NTP
  Relax your hands of feet in an ice cream fizzy soak, followed by a sherbet hand or foot scrub and massage. To top this off with the polish of your choice and 1 nail design.
R2C Diva'Licious Manicure & Pedicure
Facial, Glamor'Licious Make-up and Photo
R2C Best Friend Forever(BFF): $125  
Maximum of 2 children 
Diva'Licious Manicure & Pedicure,
 Facial or Make-up (age-appropriate)
Photo for you and BFF & BFF bracelets
(Limited to 2 BFF purchases at a time)
Polish Change: $5   
Frenchie (add):  $5 
Nail Design on Both Hands (add): $5
R2C Spa'Licious Facial: $25
Choose from our Chocolate or Banana Pudding face mask with cucumber for the eyes  
R2C Princess Make-up$15
Dab of Lip Gloss, blush and eyeshadow
R2C Glamor'Licious Make-up:  $22
Get Ready for the Camera! Glitter!!!!!
R2C Face Painting: $20
Individual Photo:  $12
Magazine Cover:   $40
Create your own lip gloss:  $9
Create your own sugar scrub:  $10
R2C  A  La Carte Items:
  • Birthday Cake/Cupcakes 
  • Personalized Water Bottles
  • Pizza
  • Custom Invitations
  • Candy Buffet
  • Design your own Flip Flop
  • Individual/Group Photos
  • Slide Show of your Party
  • Additional fees may apply
* * Our guest's well being is our primary concern. All R2C Kidz Spa services are for entertainment purposes only.  R2C does not use any harsh chemicals and all manicure/pedicure services are performed using no powered equipment.  Make-up will include shadows, blushes, sparkles/shimmer glows, lipstick, gloss and gems.  R2C dress-up wear is kid-friendly and is sanitized after each party. Prior to receiving any services, please inform us of any special medical conditions  (i.e. allergies).  Please print release Hold Harmless Clause form and bring to party.  
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